An introduction to vinyl wrap – the modern paint, only better

The history of vinyl wrap is boring to most and you are probably here to find out more on the applications of vinyl wrap. So let's start with the possibilities from this incredible product.

What is vinyl wrap?

Vinyl wrap is a thin sheet of self adhesive flexible plastic that can be attached onto pretty much any solid surface. As you probably know that it is widely used in commercial applications, the benefits and applications for non-commercial use is endless. Before vinyl wrap, if you have a fridge that is starting to rust, there are only 2 things you can do. Get rid of it, or repaint it. Most people who have repainted a fridge can tell you that the experience was not pleasant and the results are usually quite awful. It is near impossible to recreate the factory finish unless you are a professional with a spray booth. However, with vinyl wrap, you can easily wrap a standard fridge door in less than half an hour and the results are amazing. Additionally, you can even choo...
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