An introduction to vinyl wrap – the modern paint, only better

The history of vinyl wrap is boring to most and you are probably here to find out more on the applications of vinyl wrap. So let’s start with the possibilities from this incredible product.

What is vinyl wrap?

Vinyl wrap is a thin sheet of self adhesive flexible plastic that can be attached onto pretty much any solid surface. As you probably know that it is widely used in commercial applications, the benefits and applications for non-commercial use is endless. Before vinyl wrap, if you have a fridge that is starting to rust, there are only 2 things you can do. Get rid of it, or repaint it. Most people who have repainted a fridge can tell you that the experience was not pleasant and the results are usually quite awful. It is near impossible to recreate the factory finish unless you are a professional with a spray booth. However, with vinyl wrap, you can easily wrap a standard fridge door in less than half an hour and the results are amazing. Additionally, you can even choose the colour or pattern you would like to finish in.

Do I need to be trained by a vinyl wrapping master?

Most people think that it is much harder than it looks. Professionals certainly make it sound way harder than it really is. In truth, you will need to get your hands dirty (not literally) in order to gauge how easy it is. Of course it will also depend on the material you are using and the object that you are wrapping. I have many customers who told me they totally failed their first wrap because they tried to do an impossibly difficult job. Of course you will fail. Imagine doing your first dive off a 10m diving board. I am pretty sure it won’t be a pleasant experience. Similarly, with vinyl wrap, it is best to start off with easier surfaces with minimal to no curves. Once you get the feel of how the material handles, you can start to practice on different surfaces and curves.

So, what can I wrap?

The question should be more like “what can’t I wrap?”. People are wrapping more and more bizarre things that no one have previously thought of wrapping. The things that you can wrap is truly limited only by your imagination. The majority of people start to venture into the idea of vinyl wrapping because they have an item that is worn and tired. They search for different ways to spring new life into the item and they found vinyl wrap. However, there are also many creative people who want to find ways to put more colour in their life. Both groups will be delighted to finally find vinyl wrap as it will be the solution they are searching for. There are so many colours and patterns available, you can be as unique as you want to be.

It must cost a fortune!

Vinyl wrap used to be a feature that can only be afforded by business who have a budget on advertising. These days, it can be enjoyed by all. Not only have the prices dropped dramatically, the material is also much more advanced. Modern vinyl wrap are meant to make novice installation look professional. Why not give it a try and get addicted to wrapping.

I am creating a vinyl wrapping course that will teach and guide you the techniques of doing a vinyl wrap. The course will definitely save you a lot of headache and time as I will show you tricks and tips to do a good wrap. Remember to sign up for my newsletter. I will post interesting and useful articles on vinyl wrapping. If you have a particular question you would like to ask or a topic you would like to see, please let me know.

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